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    • This blog tracks my self-set personal challenge to complete Fallout: New Vegas, using no weapons.
    • You can find a full detailed run-down of the what's and why by following this link: CLICK ME.
    • You can view the mods that I'm using on this page CLICK ME, to confirm if there are any game enhancers or things that could possibly help me in any way.
    • the game difficulty is currently set to Normal with Hardcore mode on, I shall attempt to raise difficulty unless it impedes progress.


Posted by Cratchety Ol Joe On

New Vegas Stutter Remover

What does it do? it prevents some memory lagging issues that seem prevalent in Bethesda games of this engine. It has no in game effect other than smoothing out cell loading and also allows me to exit the game without it hard crashing my computer.

The Strip Open

What does this do? this removes the multi cell Vegas strip, and prevents me having to 'load' the new zones as I move about on the Vegas strip, it has no tactical benefit - if anything it only further increases the danger of fighting on the strip as there are now lots of securitrons there!

Centered 3rd Person Camera

What does this do? It allows me to zoom the camera further away from my character, pretty much the only benefit is an occasional screenshot.

Immersive HUD (not used after Session 8)

What does this do? Again, this is purely a visual thing, it changes nothing other than adding an ability to have no overlay of details on screen, and hopefully allowing nicer screenshots.

One HUD (used after Session 8)

What does this do? This is an updated version of iHUD (above) but this adds additional screen overlays for better monitoring of character stats, this alters nothing about the game that could alter the outcome, and the details it provides are available elsewhere in the game, this simply makes it easier to observe.


What does this do? This allows me to play the game without becoming frustrated at the amount of scrolling menus, a smaller font allows me to read conversations quicker and operate trading more efficiently.

The Mod Configuration Menu

What does this do? Nothing, on it's own. It is a pre-requisite of some of the other mods in use.

NVAC (New Vegas Anti Crash)

What does this do? Well as much as I love this game, it's riddled with crash bugs, too often have I crashed to desktop, this mod is a fix that debugs the vanilla game.

Weapon Animation Replacers

What does this do? This alters the way the animations of character in game hold their weapons, it alters nothing other than the visual aspect of things, I use it because I like nice looking things. There are two parts to the mod, one for pistol animations, and another for rifle animations.

REPCONN Test Site Fixes

What does this do? This corrects some immersion breaking engine details within the Repconn game location. As far as I am aware it changes nothing that would alter the game or improve a players chances or capabilities.

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